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Cheap Date Ideas
(and their purposes)


Bring her to the beach for a stroll
(To catch monkeys)

Go star gazing on a clear night
(Its a good way to hypnotise yourself to sleep)

Go catch fireflies in the night
(To feed mosquitos)

Go to look at planes take off at the airport
(To safe money from going abroad)

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Bathe together. Its romantic and it saves water!
(To have sex in the bathroom)

Attend weddings of strangers
(To eat free food)

Go and play at the amusement park

(To go to the haunted house where you can play hero)

Go to the playground and play the swing
(To catch ghosts)

Do a slow dance under the moon light
(To save money from dancing in a club)

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Visit the zoo together
(To learn to make love like the animals)

Go to the movies together(Preferbly open air screenings)
(To have a good chance to hanky panky)


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