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Date Spots


Romance Factor ratings

* Zzz... I m not tired just bored...
** Knock knock.. Still there?
*** Check it out now!
**** Awesome! Must go ASAP!
***** Eh.. You mean you guys haven gone there yet? Are you sure you're dating?


Dark, quiet with 2 cosy seats together.
Relatively cheap.
Good excuse to hang out. Even better, hang out late if your parents ae strict.

Too quiet. Your sweet nothings will become extra dialouge for the movie to other patrons.
The darn arm rest(So near yet so far from getting real cosy in each other arms).

A Deserted cinema. You can do EVERYTHING and say ANYTHING. Just between the 2 of you!

Steer clear of
You want to get cosy and whisper sweet nuthings to each other, not laugh
*Action packed movies
Both of you will be keep on the edges of your seats but nowhere near each other
You re not there to watch movie and who needs a full packed cinema?
*Adult themed shows
You dont want to show you re a sex crazed hot blooded guy on your first date(Even though You are one)

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Do watch
*Boring shows
More time to cuddle and whisper sweet nothings
*Horror Flicks
There is no better time to play Hero
*Romantic movies
Love is in the air, enhance the mood now

Romance Factor *****


Romantic with nice sea breeze.
Time to get WET!

Can be quite crowded leading to no privacy.
Far. Unless of course you re both lucky to stay near the beach.
Unpredicatable weather.

Go at night. With the moonlight illuminating her face and stars accompanying both of you, what can go wrong?
Go at evening and morning to watch sunset and sunrise. (OOOOhhhh... so romantic...)
Bring a mat. (Of course for you to get cosy without being dirty.)
Bring food. (You dont expect to find food there)

Romance Factor *****

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Quiet, dark and easy to find.
Free with unlimted usage.
Sometimes comes with bonus playgrounds that are so romantic at night.

Those pesky mosquitos.
Irritating voyeurs who gets a kick from seeing others making out.
The dirty benches. Yucks!

Go more often unless you hate mosquitos.

Romance factor ***

Amusement park

Revive your young days and have fun while dating!
Balloons, Cable car rides, Ferris wheel and Soft toys, everything a girls likes.
Haunted house, Roller Coaster rides, Pirate ships rides and dartgames, everything a guy likes.

Balloons, Cable car rides, Fairy wheel and Soft toys, everything a guys dislikes.
Haunted house, Roller Coaster rides, Pirate ships rides and dartgames, everything a girl dislikes.
Can be far and expensive going there.

Compromise on the different things you all can do. You dont want to quarral so early.
For guys: Get the balloons as much as you think is for kids and is embarrassing to be seen carrying it!
Save money for the trip. You do not want to cut short the trip due to a lack of money.

Romance factor *****


Free, nice private time with a good view of planes.

Crowded with tourists, cold and high security.
Nice view of planes(Who cares about the noisy planes taking off and landing)

Go at night as there are less crowded and hence colder and more time to get cosy.(For the plane lovers, the lighted planes are actually pretty nice)

Romance factor ****


It is typical and normal.
There is plenty of time to communicate and learn more about each other.
It is not time consuming as no matter how busy one is, he/she still has to eat!
It can be cheap.

It is boring.
It can be expensive.
The lack of romantic atmosphere.
How to get cosy with each other in a restaurant?(unless you're the waiters and waitresses)

Do not go fast food outlets which are full of noisy kids and the most unromantic atmosphere you can find.
Choose a place that have a good private atmosphere preferbly with good food.(Of course it ll be more expensive)

Better still...
Cook for him/her and enjoy it over a candlelight dinner at either party's place.(It ll be easy to get down and get cosy and with the help of some liquor, who knows what can happen)

Romance factor ***


Excellent excuse to get closer to each other as how else can you talk with tha music blazing in the background?
Relaxing. Easy place to start getting intimate.
When all else fails, theres always the alcoholic drinks to loosen the tension.

Too noisy. Too smoky. Too messy. Two idiots paying money to torture themselves.
What if one of you does not drink? or does not dance?

Go to a relatively crowded place if you want to dance the night away together.
Go to a relatively quiet place if you want to spend some quality time learning more about each other.
Go home if you want to get really intimate.

Romance factor ***


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