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Dating Tips For Men


Loosen those muscles boys. By that I mean muscles everywhere including those down there(She might be hot but get a hold of yourself). She might be the girl of your dreams and blah blah but she's just another girl after all and chances are she's excited about the date as well.

Be yourself
A girl will need to like you for who you are and not who you try to be. Although you might have lack of confidence, it is better to show the real you(unless you re really a wolf in sheeps clothing). If you try to hide the real you, it might be even more disasterous when she realised it herself.

Treat her like how a lady should be treated(not curse and insult them like what you normally do to your guy friends). Even if the date did not go successfuly, at least she knows you re a nice guy(or at least you try to be 1).

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Open up your ears guys. Its of utmost importance. People tend to focus too much on themselves when they are with other people but she ll rather listen to a radio if she wants someone to entertain her throughout. Although it is good to take the lead and initiate chats, please give her chances(and i mean lots of it) to express her views and opinions and at the same time let you learn more about her

First impressions
Well, I supposed this is important in everything you do. Being good looking helps. Having a gentlemanly look helps(Now is a good chance to blame your parents). Ultimately, looks are not everything(girls are not like guys). Be confident in yourself and play to your strengths when dressing up.

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Be open
When chatting with your date, no matter how much you disagree on stuff she says, try to keep an open mind and understand that nobody have the same opinions and you should respect everybody's opinion in the end(Unless you want to pick up a quarral on your first date and make this your first and last date). Its more important to try and have a good time instead of trying to make people believe in what you think.

Ultimately, every women is different and different things catches their eyes. You might not get another chance to date with her after this date but the problem might not lie with you as generally you have given her a decent impression(i hope..) but maybe you're just not her kind(She prefers the monkeys kind). Be cool about it and get on with life dudes!


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