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Dating Tips For Women


Why should you be tense? After all he is supposed to do all the chasing. Be excited not tense.

Be yourself
You want a guy to love you as you are and not for what you pretend to be. Let your natural self flow out and just be yourself.(Please observe proper manners and dont let him think you re brought up by monkeys.)

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Women love to talk. A lot of talk. However, men like silence. You get the picture.(If you dont, go knock your head against the wall.)

First impressions
Sexy is out. Hot is in. Dress to your strengths and always smile. Before going out, check yourself out in the mirror so that you make sure you look good and do not look like a slut.(If you cant tell the difference, then chances are you look like a slut.)

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Be open
Learn to accept different ideas and even though you might not like what your date says, dont go into a debate. Try to learn about different people instead and ultimately grow from the experience.

Do not give in to sexual demands so easily
If a guy gets what he wants easily, he ll not treasure it. A lot of guys juz want sex and after you give him, it ll be the last you ll be seeing of him. So unless you are itching for some one night stands, do not give in to sexual demands so easily.


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