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First Date Tips


Top 10 things He thinks about on first dates

10. Is the bill going to be expensive?

9. Will she suggest going dutch?

8. Whats the live score of my favourite soccer/baseball/basketball/football team match?

7. The chick at the next table is damn hot!

6. She is damn hot... I am referring to her when she is Without her clothes!

5. Will she have sex with me?

4. Where can we go for sex later?

3. What sex position is the best with her later?

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2. I hope Jennifer(the other girl) doesnt finds out about this.

And finally...

1. I hope she screams like Jenna Jameson later.

Top 10 things She thinks about on first dates

10. I MUST behave like a lady.

9. I MUST not eat too much.

8. My hair is in a mess.

7. Am I boring him?

6. Is my top too revealing?

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5. I shouldnt have worn this bra.

4. Is my tummy showing?

3. Will he kiss me later?

2. I hope he kisses passionately.

And the famous question all women are constantly disturbed by...

1. Do I look Fat?


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