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First Date Advice


Dont talk about your Ex boyfriends/girlfriends
(Yes. yes. We know you're heartlessly dumped and how bad is he/her BUT you mean you want to let everyone kknow what a fialure are you?)

Dont talk dirty
(We know all men are horny by nature and to a much lesser extend women, however do you really want things to go so fast?)

Dont bring your friend(yes friends too!) to the date
(For what? To carry out an orgy?)

Prepare cash
(Unless you re both prepared to be treated as cheapskates and make the first date the last date as well)

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Keep first date brief
(Make them want more! Men and women are both cheap creatures. They both want things that they cant get enough of.)

Dont talk about what the future holds for both of you
(We know you want to settle down and everything butyou dont want to let her know your future plans now.. She/he ll simply not be part of YOUR future from this moment on.)

Dont Lie
(The first lie always leads to more lies and before you know it, your nose will be longer then pinnochio.)

Dont make fun of your date
(At least not too much... The fun begins after both of you get together.)

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Be punctual
(Even if you re normally late)

Get drunk

(Your worst side of you will show up. You leak secrets, become rowdy and just when you think it cant get worse, you puke all over your date. Be glad if she even stay behind to take care of you.)


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