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First Date Ideas


What a guy can do

Guy : Buy a rose for her.
Girl : Dont do anything and accept the rose(you re a girl).

Guy : Bring her to romantic places.
Girl : Be careful where he brings you. Never go to too deserted places

Guy : Bring her to watch your favourite sports live match(Welcome to reality. Saturdays is for sports).
Girl : Try to loook interested even though you cant understand why man are so into ball games.(Why cant everyone just buy a ball for themselves and play with it).

Guy : Play a musical instrument for her ONLY. Preferbly an inrument with soothing music like guitar, piano, etc.
Girl : Mesmorise yourself in the music but as much as you like musically inclined guys, remember that it doesnt mean they are god people.

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Guy : Walk her home to her doorstep.
Girl : Dont invite him into the house!(unless you re feeling itchy and cant wait to jump into bed with him)

Guy : Kiss her goodbye.(Not stick the whole tongue in, idiot!)
Girl : Accept the friendly goodbye kiss and dont make a big fuss over it.

What a girl can do

Girl : Offer some light snacks for him on the pretence that you bought too much.
Guy : Food! Munch munch munch... remember to not look like a pig while eating even though you normally is one.

Girl : Bring him shopping.(Yippie!)
Guy : Try to look a bit interested by giving comments on what she wants to buy.(Well, the world is fair, you cant pleased yourself only)

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Girl : Kiss him goodbye.(It does not harm to take initiative. Seriously.)
Guy : Dont think too much into the kiss.(Its the 21st century! Girls can take initiative too!)

Girl : Suggest eating an ice cream together
Guy : Eat! Its not unhygienic... Or at least thats what lovers think...


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