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First Date Questions
(and what they really mean)


1. How old are you?
For guy asking
(Are you sure you will not die before me? Women live to a longer age you know...)
For girl asking
(I m NOT going for younger guys!)

2. What do you work as?
For guy asking
(I dont want a woman more successful then me!)
For girl asking
(I want a rich man to let me live in comfort for the rest of my life.)

3. How much do you earn?(Follow up on previous question)
For guy asking
(I dont want a woman richer then me!)
For girl asking
(If you re not successful in your work, then you better be a rich man son)

4. Whats your height?
For guy asking
(I'm scared of tall girls)
For girl asking
(I cannot accept a short guy)

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5. Whats your weight?
For guy asking
(You dont look your weight)
For girl asking
(You need some muscles!)

6. Where do you stay?
(How rich are you?)

7. What are you doing later on?
(You qualify as a potential partner, lets hang out longer.)

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8. How many relationships have you been in?
(Is there any chance that you're still a virgin?)

9. Why are you still single?
(Grab me.. I am avaliable as a life partner...)

10. Do you want to come up for coffee?
(I m feeling horny and want you pumping me right now!)


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