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First Date Sex


Why you should not have sex on first date

You would lose your appeal.

You might end up doing it again too often with too many different people.

You want to be special.

You want him to be special too.

Good things are worh waiting for.

You dont even know him/her well.

There is always a danger of STD.

Love is deeper than just physical love.

You want to see him/her again for another date.

Things WILL move too fast.

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To summarise...

While it is imprtant to try the TV set before actually purchasing the TV set, nobody wants to buy a TV set that has been tried countless times. Hence, be picky about who you allow to try the TV set and you will learn to apprciate people who actually try the TV set better.

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Interesting facts about sex on first date

Only 2 percent of the women are approvable to first date sex while 20 percent of their counterpart think likewise. Says a lot about men, doesnt it?


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