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Fun Date Ideas


Go to Amusement park
Grab a spot on the ferris wheel as both of you can enjoy the view as well as do ANYTHING in the carriage. With other rides as well, you dont need to be a kid to enjoy yourselves.

Go to the Beach
Water games, beach games, swimming as well as getting a nice healthy tan. What more can you ask for?(Eh.. Obviously I wont mind seeing more bikini and topless babes getting a tan!)

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Cook together
Need a cheap date? Cook at home and see who is the better cook as both of you can display your cookery talents.(Guess is ordered pizza for dinner AGAIN...)

Go to the zoo
When was the last time you see all the animals in the act?(obviously not refering to mating...) Go and check out the cute animals and have fun being tourists for the day!

Go for a day tour around your city
There's nothing wrong as both of you play tourists for the day and go sightseeing and find out the reasons why tourists will want to visit your boring city. Its more fun then expected and who knows what new things you can learn.

Learn dancing together
You can have fun by
1. Shaking your ass
2. Watch your date shake her/his ass
3. Watch others shake their booty
Best of all, you can introduce new moves in the bedroom after this!

Go to playground at night and play
Why at night? Coz there are no irritating kids to disturb both of ya! Its definitely fun as you can relive your childhood days. Best of all, its free!(Just dont talk to any mysterious kids that suddenly appear at the playground in the middle of the night and make a fast exit)

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Go on a day cruise
Have only eyes for each other as both of you go for a secret redezvous on board.(Just dun enter the casino as chances are you'll never want to leave there.)

Going to a farm together
Pluck apples off the trees, play with the sheeps and embrace nature as you all learn more about the countryside.

Play sports together
Basketballs, Soccer, Tennis, Squash, Badminton and any other sports. It is definitely fun to play sports together and give both of ya a good workout as well.(Having saying that, sex is not a sport but it is also fun and gves you a good workout so go ahead!)


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