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Funny Tips


Hint tips to make him happy

Do not ask him if you are fat when you obviously know the answer and is merely looking for someone to make you feel better/worse.

Do not make him go shopping with you as shoping is not a form of exercise and we do not appreciate combing the whole shopping center just to compare a few tops that you are considering buying.

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Do not ask him to go shopping with you and ask him if you look fat in the clothes you are trying.

Do not make him go shopping with you just to make him pay for everything.

Do not ask for/exprect an elaborated birthday party/wedding or any other celebration as he loves you and want you to be happy but he do not like to be the envy of all your girl friends.

Do talk only when he looks like he want to listen.

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Do exercise when you think you are fat.

Do go shopping with your girl friends and leave him out.

Do leave the remote control to him.

Do not disturb him when he is gaming.


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