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Hot Date


What women consider a hot date

Dancing under the moonlight

Watching the sunset/sunrise together

Eating a candle light dinner together

Dinning by the beach

Ice skating together

Going for a concert/play together

Dinning by the pool

Dinning on the sea(In a yatch or cruise)

Watching a open air movie screening in a car

And finally

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Eat dinner cook by the guy together and going for a stroll by the beach after that

What men considers a hot date

Doing it on the beach

Doing it on the couch

Doing it on the rooftop

Doing it at the fireplace

Doing it in the toilet

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Doing iton the public transport

Doing it in the woods

Doing it in a cinema

Doing it at her place

And last but not least, the hottest date will involve

Doing it with 2 babes at any of the above places


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