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Online Adult Dating


Interesting questions about online adult dating

Why are there so many pictures of people posting obscene photos of themselves in online adult dating sites?
(Editor answer : They either get paid doing so or they are idiots who naturally like a lot people to ogle at their naked bodies. Take your pick.)

How is it possible to match a women to every men in adult online dating?
(Editor answer : Its impossible thats they tell you to be careful of who you meet online.)

Are there really that many people who seek adult online dating?
(Editor answer : Most are just losers who are too lonely in real life and try to get friends online.)

Is it possible I ll lucky and get a hot chick who is genuinely interested in me through online dating?
(Editor answer : Its highly possible you ll get cheated of all your money instead.)

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If online adult dating is such a big scam, why are there so many websites on it?
(Editor answer : There are many people who are just like you who simply wants to check it out.)

If online adult dating is such a big scam, why are there so many people trying it out?
(Editor answer : Go ahead and try it and you ll know!)

Interesting fact about online adult dating

Only 11 percent of the men and 2 percent of the women who date online cited sex as the main motive.

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And finally, the editor wishes to say that there indeed are people who have successfully used online adult dating for their purpose they wanted to. It might be unfortunate that the editor did not have many good experience with online adult dating but will not discourage anybody seeking it. All replies by the editor are just his (stupid) viewpoint which does not actually reflect the actual situation.


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