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10 biggest lies your online date tells you

He is usually older then you.(Girls like older guys)

He is usually single and avaliable.(He was single 20 years ago)

He is usually above 6 feet tall.(With the help of platform shoes)

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He has never date online before.(He simply roams the net for single girls to prey on. Thats not online dating)

He indicates he has a stable working job as a professional or something like that.(Correct in theory as he is working very stabley as a sex predator online.)

She is usually 18 years old.(Haven you heard of the phrase that women are always 18?)

She also happens to be single.(She simply has many sex partners.)

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She usually is a student.(When she role plays as one during sex.)

She shows you her picture which is a babe with good figure.(Photoshop is a wonderful program isnt it?)

She tells you her weight is about 40 plus kg.(Well the weighing machine was spoilt!)


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