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Online Dating Advice


Never give your home telephone number.
(the next thing you know, your number will become the next sex hotline found on porn websites.)

Never give your home address.
(You re exposing yourself to potential sex predators, loansharks, kidnappers, etc. Need I say more?)

Never meet your online date at his home or places that are too deserted.
(Who the hell will suggest these places for a first date unless theres something funny up his mind.)

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For the first online date, if you re uncomfortable, bring a friend along.
(Or better, bring a group of friends along!)

Do not believe in everything he/she says.
(Are you a 3 year old kid who believes that he/she is rich handsome/pretty and nice?)

Talk on the phone first
(Get a rough idea of how disgusting is he/her first such that he/she needs to resort to online dating.)

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Request for a photo
(Check out how impossibly good looking is he/she before deciding on further actions.)

Interesting facts
67% of Americans with Internet access do not think the online world provides a good way to meet people. 24% say it does. Men are slightly more likely to be accepting of it: by 27% to 21%, more men than women with Internet access think cyberspace is a good place for single adults to meet.


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