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Online Dating Tips


What your online date says
(and what he/she actually means)

I m looking for someone to chat to.
(Guy : I m actually chatting with a dozen other girls to think I m a decent guy and try to trick them into coming out.)
(Girl : I m actually michael jackson in disguise looking for young boys to talk to.)

I lived alone.
(I am actually a huge geek who spends most of my time at home alone)

I just broke up.
(I need to catch your attention now.)

I like to play sports.
(Guy : Well, I do consider clicking away at monster on WOW an exercise...)
(Girl : Well, I do consider shopping a form of exercise...)

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I m a professional working in the city.
(Guy : I m a professional gamer lookiong for a girlfriend online permanently)
(Girl : I m a professional modern woman who is as tech savy as you)

I drive to work everyday.
(I need you to think I m a rich idiot that needs love when all I need is some money from you in future for my "car installments".)

I think character is more important than looks.
(Guy : I ll say anything to get closer to you)
(Girl : Of course character is more important than looks... However, money is definitely more important than character...)

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Can we meet?
(Guy : I want to see if you are are pretty.)
(Girl : I want to see if you re wealthy ehough for me to cheat.)


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