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Romantic Date Ideas
(and why not to do it)


Buy roses for her
(It is useless)

Buy heart shaped balloons for her
(It is more useless then useless. what can you do with it? eat?)

Lay our lighted/candles/hershey kisses in whatever words you think appropriate
(It ll dirty the floor)

Write your names in the sand. Connected by a heart of course!
(It is embarassing)

Send flowers to her workplace indicating it to be given the most beautiful women in the world
(Its the biggest lie that all women like to listen to)

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Learn to play her favourite musical instrucment and play her favourite song for her
(Its a waste of time. A lot of it)

Form a scrapbook of your love sory together
(Most end up in dustbins after you break up)

Give her a notebook citing 100 reasons why you love her
(You will never have enough reasons and end up lying)

Float a love note to her with a bottle in the bathtub
(It is a waste of water!)

Give her a scrapbook full of romantic quotes
(What is it for? You wont understand the quotes anyway)

Scatter rose petals all over the doorway
(Who cleans up after that?)

Hide love notes all around the house
(And get discovered by your wife? Noo way...)

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Send her a note via Fedex - because love cant wait
(But bills cant wait to be paid to!)

Give her a watch inscribed with the words - I always have time for you
(With a hidden clause - as long as you always have sex for me)

Send her a note with a four leaf clover. The note says " I got lucky when I met you!"
(Its actually un lucky)

Share all your food and take turns feeding each other
(How unhygienic is that)


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