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Second Date Ideas


Why guys screw up on their second date

You bring him/her home to see your parents
For what? To show them your house and let him/her know that you think he/she is the one? Forget it. You ll most probably not be the ONE as he/she simply will not be ready.

You ask for sex
You totally deserve it. If you cannot control your urges by the second date, you must have been thinking about it on the first date. Get a hooker instead.

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You started talking about your ex
Letting people know how wonderful are you as a boyfriend/girlfriend and how haertlessly dump will not get sympathy. Instead maybe you should go back to your ex since you have not forgotten about her.

You went to the movies/theatre for a show
Who cares whats for show? You want to communicate not watch a show. Too bad this might be your last chance since you re more interested in a show then me.

You become too touchy
We know you want sex and it is too fast. We are not ready for it. We are not easy and loose and to prove it, we have to say bye.

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You talk about what the future holds for both of you.
Its your future you should be interested in as my future would not be part of your future. I m nobody to you now. Get it clear.


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