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Teenage Dating Tips


What your mother tells you about dating
(and what she actually means)

You are too young to date
(You are not ready for sex.)

You are too young to kiss
(You are not ready for what comes after kissing - sex)

You are too young to bear responsibility for your date.
(We do not want to help you raise your kid after you have fun having sex.)

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You re too young to understand relationships
(I cant tell you how much your father doesn t satisfy me.)

You ll understand it when you grow older
(You ll understand when your dick grows longer and begin to take over the functioning of the brain.)

Do not let other boys touch you
(You cannot learn about the pleasures of sex... yet...)

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You must be home before 10pm
(You cannot stay overnight and have sex at your boyfriend place.)

Your skirt cannot be too short
(You cannot give your boyfriend easy access to sex.)


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