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Things To Do On A First Date


For Guys

Display Chilvalry
Open doors, pull chairs, always act like a gentleman.(We all know it is acting,you can resume your normal self after you got her)

Be attentive
Take note on what she likes and doesnt likes as well as her usual habits and bad habits.(Extremely important as all stupid girls like a attentive guy no matter how bad is he.)

Listen to what she says
You have to give her the impression you re interested in her and not be caught checking out the hot chick nearby.

Offer to pay the bill
You re a guy remember.. You can set the rules for payment of bills when both of you are together. In the meantime, Act generous.

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Walk her home
Its only right you make sure she gets home safely even though the most dangerous person she faces now is you.

Compliment her
Just to make her happy and let her think that you re interested in her.(Even though what you are interested in might not be her but her body)

For girls

Be careful
If you have read the above sections, be very careful of whom you re gonna meet. Is he a acting or is he just being himself?

"You never know who is falling in love with your smile so do smile more!"(Just dont smile at every other thing! You ll look like an idiot)

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Dress appropriately
You dont want him to be staring at your boobs all day long as it is practically popping out from your little top.(Is not his fault, you know?)

Try to pay
We ALL know that guys should pay. But there is no harm to try and offer to pay. After all, nothing is free in this world...

And finally...

Hint him that you only treat him as a friend if you are not interested in him.
It is only right if after the first date you show what you feel and not mislead him into thinking otherwise. We know its a great feeling to be wanted as you might not get as much attention normally..


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