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What To Wear On A First Date


5 Rules on what to wear on first date

1. Comfortable

Think about it... Do you prefer to wear a tight top that might threaten to spill out all your fats or something loosely fit that doesnt feel like its there.(Does not mean you dont wear anything obviously)

2. Appropriate

Have you ever worn slippers and short shorts to a party? Imagine your date with you there. Enough said.

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3. Simple

Everyone wants to stand out in a crowd. However, there are only 2 of you on a date. So keep it simple and leave your flaboyance to other grander occasions.

4. Clean

The top might not stink due to your perfume on it but it IS dirty from days of wearing. Please change it and dont torture you date.

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5. Neat

We know this is extremely difficult for someone who font even pack his/her own room... However before going out on a date just make sure your clothes are not crumpled and torn as you do not want to challenge the beggars for a position in the streets.


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